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Private terraces and balconies take your living space outside. Its origins lying in the vision of a French wine merchant, the house soon evolved into
All the Jacuzzi Suites have free access to the Xenia Wellness and to the 15th Lounge floor, with services such as concierge desk, internet Corner, fre
Stay relaxed, stay productive, and stay in the heart of it all at Hotel room Since then, almost 300 rooms and suites are individually furnished and fe
Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain. It also encourages the release of the brain chemicals (hormones) that are responsible fo
As we age, we naturally begin to wonder how our limits change. Conventional wisdom is that you can still be strong as you age, but your recovery abili
Everyone talks about getting “healthier”. But it’s tough isn’t it? Especially when there are so many different ideas on w
This is a particular type of hydro massage in which a special mixture of essential oils is added to the water bath. The variations in the water temper
By adopting the chenot method of work we gradually unfold our holistic vision to detoxify, rejuvenate and improve the vitality, the spirit and wellbei
Superior Guest Rooms have intuitive layouts and a wide range of amenities. The reputation continued attracting celebrities throughout the following de