Gypset Bazar

We from Gypset Bazar are nomadic treasure hunters in a bedazzling fairy tale, called Morocco. The name Gypset comes from the founder of the ‘Gypset Style‘: Julia Chaplin. Her movement stands for a bohemian lifestyle with a touch of luxury. 

Gypset Bazar is specialized in hand crafted Moroccan design and clothing with an exotic ethnic influence. We are finding inspiration everywhere in this magical African country: from distant small Berber villages where time has stood still, to crowded bazars and fleamarkets in Marrakech. Each piece of clothing or home decoration tells a story about old traditions mixed with a touch of gypsy wanderlust style.

If this is your style, we welcome you into our world. But be careful, you might fall in love with our treasures from another world and get spellbound by Morocco, just like us …